Orthodontist Benefits

What Does An Orthodontist Do For Patients?

While orthodontics is associated with and part of dentistry, it’s not general dentistry as some people think. It is a special segment of dentistry with a focus on proper position and alignment of your jaw and teeth. All kinds of problems can arise when it comes to these situations, and that is why many people are given braces, retainers and the likes. Do you remember the braces from the old days?

There are many technical medical terms that you might hear if you have had to see an orthodontist as seen in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpWLihXJ1KA&t=3s For example, do you have a malocclusion? Orthodontics reaches farther than you might think. Yes, it’s about the teeth and jaw, but it can also be about general facial growth in some instances. Each person’s mouth is different of course, so each case is going to be individual to the patient. These days braces and retainers are much different, so there isn’t such a stigma that comes with having to visibly show people that you have to deal with those issues.


Naturally, it shouldn’t be a problem anyway, but in all honesty, you can understand how it helps with self image. Of course, the end result is about self image, too, yet it’s also about dental health. As mentioned, there can be severe problems, and so you could really say that it’s about overall health as well. Your body is all linked up together, so those types of problems need to be corrected.

There are plenty of people that forgo treatment for a minor malocclusion or other minor issues. While you might think that orthodontics is relatively modern medicine, it’s not. There have been many advancements as described, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been around for a couple thousand years. Take a look at what they did back then.